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Black Tea

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Black Tea 
Eleuthero + Gotu Kola

Staying on task and being more productive are your new super powers. Gotu kola, eleuthero, and a special selection of super berries make this rad brew the ultimate way to crush your deadlines and perform at your best. Put simply, use this when you need to get er’ done.

14 servings /box
Vegan ☁ All Natural Flavors ☁ Caffeine ☁ Sugar-Free 

Tastes Like

Bold, Bright, Berries


Black Tea, Tulsi Mix*, Schisandra Berries, Goji Berries*, Juniper Berries*, Gotu Kola, Eleuthero Root*, Freeze Dried Strawberry Pieces*, Natural Flavor. * = organic ingredients


I help increase your productivity and focus. I support thinking power and mood regulation. My functional ingredients are Eleuthero, Gotu Kola and Caffeine.

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Natural, Science-Backed Super Ingredients

Stay sharp and focused

Beautifully bold, a little bit sweet, and so strong you could say it’s daring... just like you! We’ve added some eleuthero to support your thinking power, gotu kola to help you manage stress, and super berries because they’re just great! Looks like someone’s genius is showing.

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