The Luminaries

A luminary is someone who inspires and uplifts the people around them. They consistently challenge the norms, push boundaries, and light the way in creating a brighter future. Our Luminaries represent the essence and purpose of what we’re all about at steep & mellow down to the core. These are our people, our friends, and the fearless leaders in our community.

Our Story

Creating Impact

We can’t deny that there is just something so special about our Luminaries. They value what we value which is pretty freakin’ cool.

01 Inspire

Our luminaries work closely with our team and inform everything that we do from formulating blends, to community involvement.


02 Connect

Our luminaries are active within our community by hosting workshops that are easily accessible to our guests.

03 Grow

We are comitted to working as a team to help eachother grow externally in our community, and internally by motivating one another.


Become a Luminary

Does this tickle your fancy? Good, we hoped it would. Shoot us a message and let’s start the conversation towards getting you on our team.

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