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Green Tea, elevated.

A mood boosting, energizing Green Tea with Cordyceps, Rhodiola, and L-Theanine

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🧠 Nootropics 🌱 Sustainably created 🍄 Adaptogens

Level up your mornings.

Carefully crafted to make you feel bright, energized, and ready to take on the day. Cordyceps, rhodiola, and L-Theanine, were incorporated to create an elevated version of your daily dose of caffeine. It’s time to level up your morning routine and to start feeling like the rockstar that you are.

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Your DREAM sleep awaits...

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Whatmakes usdifferent

We’re not into boring teas that are filled with chemicals and micro plastics. We want to create some serious change and we’re starting with what we put in our cup.

Premium Adaptogens
Nootropic Benefits
Natural Ingredients
Ethically Sourced
Compostable Packaging
Delicious Teas

Premium Adaptogens

Specially selected herbs and mushrooms proven to help your body adapt to anything life throws your way.

Sustainably Created

We’re committed to protecting the earth by creating fully compostable packaging.

Natural Nootropics

Each of our blends has one big power-house natural nootropic to feed your mind, and boost your creativity.

We the earth

All of our packaging is compostable, from the wrappers, to the tea bags and even the tea boxes.


Chamomile Tea - Reishi + Ashwagandha

This is the chamomile tea that you’ve been dreaming of. Every sip has been infused with reishi to support better sleep, and ashwagandha to chill you out. Put simply... you’ll be mellowed out inno time.

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The verdict is in

“I tried the Dream and the Flow and loved them. I want more haha!"


My favourite thing about steep and mellow is the quality of hand selected plant based ingredients. As an athlete, I'm always on the hunt for nourishing drinks and this one just so happens to be hot, healthy and rich in flavour.  Grateful for a daily dose of DREAM - it's a whole new level of chamomile.


Excellent flavor, highly enjoyable, would drink again. Love the packaging and sustainability aspect for sure.


The green tea is hands down my fav. I could literally drink it all day.


Soak It Up

Welcome to adaptogens & nootropics 101. Here’s everything you could ever possibly want to know about these funky ingredients.

Adaptogens & Nootropics 🍄 🧠

The main difference between adaptogens and nootropics is that adaptogens help support what we need in our bodies, whereas nootropics feed the mind. Adaptogens hear what your body is calling for and support it against various stressors like high blood pressure, anxiety, and fatigue. Nootropics on the other hand are like little brain boosters with the ability to increase memory, productivity and overall thinking power! In some cases, certain ingredients can have the benefits of both which is pretty freakin’ cool.

Other Wild Ingredients

  • Licorice Root

    Natural sweetener. Reduces inflammation.

  • Lavender

    Sleep aid. Stress management.

  • Chamomile

    Sleep aid. Settled stomach.

  • Goji Berries

    Immunity. Antioxidant.

  • Lemon Balm

    Stress management. Sleep aid.

Earth Love

We believe that we have two homes, our bodies and our planet. It’s so important that we take care of them and don’t feed them any B.S. (bad stuff). Here’s how we’re keepin’ it clean and green.

01 Plant Based Tea Bags

Our tea bags are actually made from corn.They’re strong enough to resist the heat in your mug, but delicate enough to break down in your compost. Give it 30 days and it'll turn into dirt.

02 Compostable String and Tag

Our tags are made from eco-friendly paper. The coating on them that is used to keep them from disintegrating is plant based too. Yeah, we thought of everything.

03 Plant Based Wrappers

Just like our tea bags, these bad boys are made with plant power. The only difference is that they’re made from wood instead of corn. Got wood? We do. Get your mind out of the gutter.

04 Compostable Tea Boxes

Our tea boxes are made from eco-friendly paper fibers and printed with safe inks which make them easy to properly dispose of. Pick your bin and let nature do the rest of the work.
Pro-tip: If you choose to compost, make sure you tear it up into tiny pieces to promote oxygenation and a smoother transition to this box's end of life.

100% Happiness Guarantee

We're confident that Steep & Mellow will be the best tea sipping experience you've ever had.

If you're unsatisfied for any reason, we'll pick up the tab. Try risk-free today.