Delicious tea blends, with proven benefits

Every sip has been infused with science-backed adaptogens, and natural nootropics proven to enhance cognitive thinking, energy levels, and sleep.

  • Extraordinary Teas

    We begin by personally sourcing highly delicious, quality tea leaves from ethical sources.

  • Superfood Infusions

    We infuse each blend with powerful brain and body boosting organic adaptogens and nootropics ingredients.

  • Eco-Friendliest

    Delivered in fully compostable packaging, so all of our teas will have a graceful return to the earth.

  • Clean & Pure

    Without added chemicals, microplastics or synthetic fragrances typically found in store-bought tea.

We're everyone's cup of tea

There’s a tea for any time of the day

Morning 🤩

Delicious green tea with citrus tasting notes to awaken your senses. Coupled with rhodiola, and cordyceps to boost your energy and help you take on the day

  • morning
  • day
  • night
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Day 😋

Beautifully bold berries and black tea were brought together with gotu kola and eleuthero to create the ultimate focus tea. Nothing will be able to stop you when you find your flow

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  • day
  • night
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Night 😴

Wholesome vanilla and luscious lavender take the centre stage in this dreamy blend. Forget about counting sheep, you’re heading straight for the clouds.

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  • night
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Green Tea - Cordyceps + Rhodiola

For when you need an extra skip in your step. This blend has been handcrafted with some of nature's wildest ingredients to help you shine. Cordyceps for focus + rhodiola for energy... otherwise known as a wicked combination. Now go out there and get your groove on!


Black Tea - Eleuthero + Gotu Kola

Beautifully bold, a little bit sweet, and so strong you could say it’s daring... just like you! We’ve added some eleuthero to support your thinking power, gotu kola to help you manage stress, and super berries because they’re just great! Looks like someone’s genius is showing.


Chamomile Tea - Reishi + Ashwagandha

This is the chamomile tea that you’ve been dreaming of. Every sip has been infused with reishi to support better sleep, and ashwagandha to chill you out. Put simply... you’ll be mellowed out in no time.

What exactly are functional teas?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these… magic mushrooms?

Nope but they're pretty magical to us. None of the mushrooms in our blends contain psychoactive properties.

How is your packaging compostable?

All of our packaging is either made from paper, or plants. Our sachets and tea bags were created from various plant fibers to ensure no more plastic waste goes into our oceans.

What if I don’t like it?

If this just ins't your cup of tea, then that's okay. We have a Happiness Guarantee policy. Just shoot us a message and we'll be happy to help you out.

What’s the difference between adaptogens and nootropics?

It’s really between the mind and the body. Think about it this way, adaptogens nurture your body, and nootropics feed your mind. You can do a deep dive on our soak it up page.

Investing in vitality

I created steep & mellow with the belief that with the right nourishment, we can heal our minds and our bodies and build resilience against the hardships of of everyday life.

- Meg Pedersen (she/her)